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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

An inbetween

My real life disturbed my work here greatly.
But behind the scenes I am working on new stuff.

I will return to the story soon and also to the 1 mile hex maps which you seem to enjoy.

In the meantime here a list of these I created thusfar 1 mile Hex maps

Darokin Tunnel Rockhome

The Great Canolbarth Forest Alfheim

Ritternour Glantri 
Soth-Kabree Glantri
Satolas Glantri
Nathrat Glantri
Erewan Glantri
Free Province of Nyra Glantri
De Glace & Hightower Glantri
Southern Belcadiz Glantri
Wylon Glantri
Trintan Glantri

Ardelphia Darokin

Hex map Legend

Broken Lands
Trailmap Corunglain to Glantri
Trailmaps Corunglain Ethengar
Broken Lands East
Broken Lands West before Meteor
Broken Lands West After Meteor

Old Hand-drawn map southwest Karameikos Blight Swamp
Old Hand-drawn map west Karameikos
Old Hand-drawn map northwest Karameikos
Old Hand-drawn map mid southwest Karameikos
Old Hand-drawn map mid south Karameikos
Old Hand-drawn map Southeast Karameikos

Krandai/Streel River Ethengar/Vestland
Carytion + art Thyatis
Carytion Thyatis

Sind Desert/Black Mountains
The Great Pass

1 mile Maps in the Making
Silver Sierras Before Meteor
Silver Sierras After Meteor
Ylaruam Current Era
Ylaruam Nithian Era
Ylaruam Lizard Era
Krandai/Streel River Ethengar mid south
Krandai/Streel River Ethengar southwest

Many other maps of Mystara in other scales can be found here;
Ylaruam Nithian Era 8 mile hex
The Meteor Impact maps
Various maps
Broken Lands maps, Geomorphological maps

Informative maps and tables


  1. Hi Robin,
    I like your work on Mystara.
    When I was a boy 30 years ago I use to spend my weekends in this world. Between us we conspired to get all the Gazetteers published my character was an elf so I was charged with two Elf ones. Unfortunate all the books have been lost in time which is a shame as I had a reasonable collection.

    Any way I was interested your map making process. What tools software do you use and so forth as I am in the middle (as it has no end) of creating my own world and would like to make maps like yours.

    1. Hi Craig
      Thanx for the compliment.
      as an elf you'd probably like the Alfheim map...;)
      For me this work was an experience....strangely while drawing the map and placing details,, while reading all sources, I was often literally drawn into the if I was walking around there. I saw the trees, plants, stranger things and almost smelled it... I know...I am a weird person, but it was my first 1 mile hex map bearing all these details, enabling my mind to create beyond that.
      that's how my thought processes seem to work.

      I always use my Legend ( and Windows Paint 2003
      Either I use a full page hexgrid or hexgrid sections, to make a full page hex grid.
      I then copy the page with a translucent background onto a blanc page or onto an existing "8 mile hex" canon map which I exactly enlarged thus to fit 8 "1 mile hexes" in either direction angle. (which is sometimes a task on itself as scales often vary, and not all hexes are created equal in all dimensions).
      Then I manually take a hex master symbol or group hex master symbol from my legend (like a heavy forest or a group heavy forest hexes for example), and copy/past this with translucent background in each hex where the canon map together with my mind say a designation of such a symbol would deem best suited.

    2. Repeating this a gazillion times on all other hexes and designations a more detailed map grows underneath my fingers. Then I imagine the area in 3D mentally and start adjusting flow patterns, remove flaws from the canon map (example the Broken Lands where Altitudes were thus flawed in the canon sources, by making it impossible to create a flow pattern), readjust the map accordingly, bring in more details, transport geophysical and ecological traits of the area, add migrational patterns and weather, thus changing hexes again and adding more detail...all in all keeping Magic as an existing real counterpart following adapted laws of nature. I here always take other maps located near my source into account, as neiher map exists singely but is a section of a whole planet (a mistake individual canon writers/artists often made--probably the reason for connecting flaws like the Broken Lands amongst others.) Another source I use is TIME...I superimose canon/fanon sources together and look at the changes in the area, this way I create a timeline, which is then expanded by the Mystara Timeline of that region ( thus helping in improving all the patterns and sources as a new whole.
      Then I readjust the roads, cities and such. then like the weir in the Alfheim map, or the Passage valleys in the Great pass map, i copy the original non-hex detailed map, remove the bacground, readjust scale and superimpose this where it should be as according canon, logic and hexes make it fit. Then I finally add the locations like cities, roads, over the canon locations readjusted by the migrational patterns. and finally and more of these but on a smaller scale; crossroads, villages instead of towns and cities, trails instead of roads, , following this I start to fill in the area with obscure details accorsing canon texts and fanon sources. and slowly I am able to walk around in the map. This last phase gives me more detail to see minor flaws, which I correct then. Then as a last step I add names, tags and labels (often creating aditional ones) following other sources (like the Alfheim map uses Lord of the Rings Elvish). Here I add some hidden jokes (example;there is a village named "komkommer" which is in dutch "Cucumber" which I ate right at that moment...and more of such similar smiles exist) and gratitudes to persons I know and treasure (D&D writers, artists, fans, source cooperators, real life persons I know). Then I often add the legend used in that area.
      Sometimes I add a sideboard(like this map I made for Guilo Caroletti, or The Arch of Fire ) giving a visual representation or a text (like the Alfheim map) where details are translated or explaned, or I add the original source maps as locators (as or as
      and after a wrist, finger, and mind-boggling gazillion repeats I lay my wrist down to heal the arduous task and enjoy the new map.
      I then rest a day or so and stat creating a new thing (either map, art piece, or book)...while at the same time my mind already progresses a few steps further..hence I have several projects stacked to be artist never rests actually;)

      I hope I helped you with this answer....I know I am Crazy...;)
      If you desire to create your own maps, you are free to use my legend, but please show me your final work, and share these with the world.

      And to keep your interest...keep an eye out for my Blog where I will soon release another large writing/mapping work of mine which transcends even 4D....(at least in your mind) by adding sound/scents and a more detailed walk through the if you are there.

      Greets and Love

  2. Hi Robin,
    Thanks for that I will be looking at your maps closely.
    An yes I saw the Legend before which was one of the things on Deviant Art that allowed me to find this blog.
    I appreciate that the maps must have taken some effort so thank you for that.

    I will share what I have with the world when it is ready but currently it is disjointed and scatted.

    I also tend to have more notes than actual writing (like on the economics of ice and wood trade).

    Much Appreciation

    1. You can also visit the piazza where you can post anything Mystara is a living community