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Saturday, 8 June 2013


First this word of explaining.
In the years 2008-2012 I was homeless, moved from one friend to another from safehose to safe house to often nothing.
To prevent myself from going nuts, (bonkers, insane) I did NOT go to alcohol, sex or drugs but instead used the computers of the public library to create  a encyclopedia style information source where all D&D material about each MYSTARA creature ever written  is compiled in a usable source.
I hope to the players that I succeeded. (I even inserted creatures which were only mentioned in ancient D&D stuff (before Mystara), or those mentioned once or so, like as in a recipe mentioned of a Mystara tavern. etc.
Together with the webmaster of, we decided to place it online.
The First two chapters are ready and available on the following link.
It may  need some download time.
Keep in mind that when Wizards of the coast wants this to be withdrawn, we have to comply,
As I don't intend to infringe any rights. And I am not making any profit from it. A full list of sources and authors will be given with the last chapter. (or when requested earlier as a seperate page here)