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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

An inbetween

My real life disturbed my work here greatly.
But behind the scenes I am working on new stuff.

I will return to the story soon and also to the 1 mile hex maps which you seem to enjoy.

In the meantime here a list of these I created thusfar 1 mile Hex maps

Darokin Tunnel Rockhome

The Great Canolbarth Forest Alfheim

Ritternour Glantri 
Soth-Kabree Glantri
Satolas Glantri
Nathrat Glantri
Erewan Glantri
Free Province of Nyra Glantri
De Glace & Hightower Glantri
Southern Belcadiz Glantri
Wylon Glantri
Trintan Glantri

Ardelphia Darokin

Hex map Legend

Broken Lands
Trailmap Corunglain to Glantri
Trailmaps Corunglain Ethengar
Broken Lands East
Broken Lands West before Meteor
Broken Lands West After Meteor

Old Hand-drawn map southwest Karameikos Blight Swamp
Old Hand-drawn map west Karameikos
Old Hand-drawn map northwest Karameikos
Old Hand-drawn map mid southwest Karameikos
Old Hand-drawn map mid south Karameikos
Old Hand-drawn map Southeast Karameikos

Krandai/Streel River Ethengar/Vestland
Carytion + art Thyatis
Carytion Thyatis

Sind Desert/Black Mountains
The Great Pass

1 mile Maps in the Making
Silver Sierras Before Meteor
Silver Sierras After Meteor
Ylaruam Current Era
Ylaruam Nithian Era
Ylaruam Lizard Era
Krandai/Streel River Ethengar mid south
Krandai/Streel River Ethengar southwest

Many other maps of Mystara in other scales can be found here;
Ylaruam Nithian Era 8 mile hex
The Meteor Impact maps
Various maps
Broken Lands maps, Geomorphological maps

Informative maps and tables