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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Monster Manual update

It took a while but finally here are the next chapters of the Mystara Monster Manual compilation 

The child of a family member is changed what did happen?

Your wife stiched a small pair of socks and a little hat, since then the house is no more Neat and Cosy...What happened?

Within the woods a large feathered owl walks towards you. You raise you holy symbol and weapons to brace for an attack. Yet the creature just beckons you inn his lair. What is happening, and why?

The section of the woods turned brim and dark, spider webbing is everywhere, yet no creatures can be seen. What threat awaits you?

A farmer caught a leprachaun, but did not have a shovel to dig up its treasure. He bound a red ribbon on the thistle above it, yet never got the treasure, what happened?

You always see more than the normal person with your left eye. You see small creatures wandering and flying about. Fearful you do not let them know that you see them. What is your ability, and why should you keep it a secret.

A mushroom ring lies on that one bare clean spot in the forest. You sleep there. Then why is everything different when you venture further?

While you walk through the woods. The hair of your group changed color, the sexy warrior grew a moustache, the mage had an incurable itch, the cleric extremely fat and large arms, and you have to walk upside down to prevent dizziness. What did happen?

You have encoutered Crystal Statues before. But how were they created?

This gargoyle you met, was way too large for a normal Gargoyle. What was it?

That creature which opened the door of your host, was made up out of several body parts. What is it?

Within Sabre River you encountered weird creatures with a strange group-like behavior and a sword instead of arm. What is it, and how do you battle it?

A large Bubble floats towards you. Is it Harmful, alive, or...?

In Norwold you hear of the works of Gargantua. What creatures could you expect, if trying to meet this fellow.

In alphatia a two-headed Troll is sighted, could there be more monstrosities?

How do you make a Statue?

What are the weaknesses and strength of an Acid Golem?

Which creatures were actually created by mortals as biological constructs?

Now you can find out.

The chapters Fairykin and Constructs are out!!
and the First chapters have been updated.


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