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Thursday, 18 August 2016

The Wonderful World of Mystara

A Manuscript about the Natural Magical World of Mystara

Chapter 5

Still in the Hills of Inlashar.

As penned down by Salechaam.
Darokin Province of Calair 1014 AC, 2nd Yarthmont
After my ordeal in Tolann, It was decided I had to stay in the wagon, so I could heal the faster, while we did not need to stop. As thus we continued iur journey.
But it was not the smooth ride we had on the Corunglain -Fort Nell Road and Trail. Oh, yes we had some smooth sections, over the ruined Urudtai road...or what remained of it. As in between these sections, the road was so bumby, I almost fel out of my bed. I felt the pain still soaring within my heart, but I almost forgot it due the bumbs on my head, elbow and back. Sometimes we stopped, and as I peaked out of the Window I saw Gaston together with the others investigating the old Inlashar ruins. Even from this distance I could see there was not much left of the original structure. Time, battles, erosion and plunder had clearly taken its toll, and it was barely noticeable what the purpose of the building must have had. As we passed the last ruin,(The remnants of somekind of Fortress in the clasp of the valley walls.) I could look back over the Barrowfields we had circumvented. A location of History and adventure, I had heard, I dared not to question where our adventure would bring us.
Finally we passed the last Amon Sรปl and entered the earthen trail to the northwest.
To the right was the Blackwater River, with its darkened color rapidly flowed Southeast into faraway Canolbarth. Maybe those friggin Shadow Elves would drown in it...nah..they may be fools, but aren't stupid.
Straddle was the first to notice Centaurs on the otherside of the river and tried to make contact, but the stubborn creatures did not respond. And as we passed, so did they. They were armed to the teeth, for some reason we were unaware of....yet.

At night we reached a location of farms called conveniently "At Eylial", which were a set of ruins on the other side of the river. The connecting bridge no longer did exist, and no ford was in sight. The Blackwater River was wide, deep and fast. Maybe lucky, as even when we approached we could see the fires of small burning encampment next to it. We could see bodies and even some wounded, but the distance was to great to even recognize race. 
The farmers were notified of our arrival by message pigeon from Fort Nell, and graciously accepted in their midst.

We paid them not with money, but with some tools they needed (which Separim had stocked on top of the wagon). It was simple, a clear farmers life. The settlement was actually a collection of 3 or even four farms, and could in the future maybe become a small village. Lord Bodong Harrisford, a retired Darokin sergeant, welcomed us. "Greeting Explorers. Be welcome here. You can stall your wagon near the that large storehouse., and your horses could graze in the field next to it. My name is Lord Bodong Harrisfield, Lord Bodong for friends" We all acquainted. The night was good, the food, though simple beans vegetables and some rabbit, was wholesome and welcoming. 
"What is happening on the othewside of the Blackwatew Wivew?" Gaston questioned "At the Ruins?""Yes?""That is a strange story..."Lord Bodong responded. "You maybe aware that this region has its own legendary history?. Now, Eylial belongs to that history like the curl in a pigs tail. Eylial was one of the few real villages of the Inlashar, just like'll probable will see several miles further on the trail. It all has to do with the changing politics in the Broken Lands. Some Shadow Elves claim they have conquered their ancestral Holy Land. Probably as important to them as the Canolbarth of Alfheim, so not much good can come from this".  I responded; "Yes we know, we the Dwarves found a secret city of Humanoids on some floating Island in a lake of magma. We had almost defeated the humanoids there when we were secretly and deviously attacked in the back by cowardly Shadow Elves. In the name of Rafiel this, the Name of Rafiel that...Long story short we had to retreat." we all took some sips of our beverages, before Lord Bodong reacted; "Yes, a misery retreat. Not a war of treu warriors. Separim was silent like a mouse on the morning table, but had its pointy ears rightup. As Alfheim Elf, they did not like the Shadow Elves either.

"As being originally Ethengerian, the Inlashar had great knowledge of horses, and great skill too. Within this skill, their mages created magical items for the ride. One of these set of items belong to a Great Warrior Ugleton. The humanoids say he was Orcish in origin, the Ethengar say he was Human, but bicker which tribe, the Shadowelves even claim he was one of their kind, while the Darokinians claim he was only a wel experienced half-orc". "Why all these contwadicting opinions?" Gaston inquired. "That was for his items. And it is these the Humanoids quest for, to kill the Shadow Elves, the Shadow Elves want to prevent this, and acquire the items for themselves, and then use against all races in their way of conquest. The Centaurs, just happen to live un the region, and did not like the search and combat on their lands. They attacked the humanoid encampments, and killed several Shadow Elves too. As long as we stay on this side of the river we will not be attacked by them, but they keep a keen eye open just in case. As you can see, they succeeded to remove the threat for the moment.
We are unaware of what the items might be. The rumours run wildly between Horshoes of Flight or shoes of speed, or a Saddle conveying Dragon abilities. I myself think it is jus a magical barding, an piece of armor just for horses, possibly enchanted to give a high protection, and maybe even a magical attack or two. Not something thus special, they all fight and die for at least." "Then, is it safe fow us to twavel fuwthew?" "As long as you stay on this side of theBlackwater River, but to reach komkommer, you must pass the ford a few miles further upriver, and there you must be very, aware. Like Eylial here,  Artil there suddenly has peeked the "treasure hunter's " interest."
After this interesting piece of information, and a few pints of local ale, we went to sleep.In the silent night, far away, the howl of several wolves broke the silence, and nearby a hoot of an owl. I cfolded my beart in my shirt, and closed my eyes
Maybe tomorrow, I would be able to be active heart pulses, a soft numbing pain follows...maybe the day after,

Adventure Idea;

The Legend of Ugleton. is as described above. He was indeed a Half-Orc Ethengar/Inlashar warrior. He had battled the Knights in the North, the mages in the west, dread spirits on the Mountain, and horned fighters in the East. When he finally went south, into Inlashar, his fame and cunning had preceded him. The Elves took no chances, and used some missiles treated with some rare plantjuices. The wound he surely would survive, but the contra effects, would grow within him, fester, and weaken this fighter. Until at the end Ugleton was to weak to defend himself against a Grizzlybear. Nothing other than his left leg was retrieved and several Inlashar Villages Claim they buried it, together with the remains of his trusted horse and equipment. 
The Equipment was a set of Horshoes of Speed ( effectively doubling the creatures running speed for 8 hours, but functioning only once a three days. With a Word of Recall charged within (rechargeable at the arriving point by local Shamani) bringing the horse and all it bears directly to Xantha Ethengar. The Armor of Ugleton was a simple chainmail of +2, with a single spell reflect once a day. The Barding of the horse, however, was able to create 3 Magic missiles each 5 rounds, on the bearer's commands. Simple, but mighty items indeed, but not worth the hunt and the losses for either race. Some adventurers might however be willing to take a chance, but keep in mind, they must fight through violent Orcs, Gnolls, Ogres, and Hobgoblins, wanting the items themselves. trying to stay alive against the Evil young Shadow Elf followers of Atzanteotl (these belong to the groups fighting in Aengmor, and with great discontent in the Canolbarth affair and Rafiel's promises.). And llast but not least the Centaurs who actually only want to defend their lands from any invasions. Their leader Barthulli, would however really welcome the items if they exist. He would dislike the word of Recall efffect, but as a last act, it might be worth the risk to stay alive. If he would done the Armor, Barding and shoes, the Centaurs would surely have a chance to hold their dominion on this location.
This is a great socio-political adventure a DM could handle.Advised Level 9 to 25. With several High level Shadow Elves, Humanoids and Centaurs (use Gazetteer 10, Orcs of Thar, Gazeteer 11 Shadow Elves, and PC1 Tall Tales of Wee folk to create worthy opponnts. What would the characters do; The humanoids trule need the items to ward of the Shadow Elves desiring to chase them away from the Broken Lands, The shadow Elves, do not really need it, but want to have the items to keep them from others using it, and maybe use them later against their enemies, TheCentaurs like to form their own dominion, and the adventurers may be greedy themselves.
Have fun

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