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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Smurfs as a PC/NPC race on OD&D MYSTARA .

Hi all of you there.
Yes I know that I haven't been doing much posting here.
Real Life and other posting locations  sucked up waay too many time work and space.

So now I do have something new to share with you all.


The following PDF is using the Smurfs. Smurfs are a creation of Peyo (Pierrot Culliford and Thierry Culliford) owned by Heirs of the Culliford Family and IMPS.
This article in no way is used to threaten their rights. And in no way are any profits made from this work.

According to information from the Foundation for Smurf collectors in the Nederlands (Stichting voor smurfenverzamelaars Krant nr. 96 september 2013 page4(woordje voorzitter) IMPS is so overwhelmed by requests for using anything about smurfs that they will only act upon commercial misuse. As this aritcle in no way brings any profit there is no need for any written agreement.
With this said I am free to post this article. All rights remain exclusively with IMPS.
If they ever want to have this with drawn I will absolutely and directly agree.

I created this work with the utmost respect as I have to Peyo, theCulliford family and their creation "The Smurfs".
Hence I used them in the article itself.
Please keep also in mind that smurfs are a peaceful race and do not stroll around to slay any other creature. They refrain from any form of lethal force be it physical or magical.

If you like playing a new playful pacifistic yet adventurous race; The smurf might be what you seek.
Have fun.

The Download link on Pandius.