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Thursday, 4 February 2016

The Wonderful World of Mystara

A Manuscript about the Natural Magical World of Mystara

As spoken by Proffesor Gaston vander Klil, Geomage from The Great School of Magic in Glantri, penned down by Separim Longstrider.

Wondews of Mystawean Natuwe.

Welcome in the Fascinating Wowld of natuwe.
In the fiwst episode of ouw twavels on "The Discovewy", we will visit the Ethengaw and the Bwoken Lands.

But Fiwst let me intwoduce ouwselves.
Ouw Stwong man is Salechaam Dewaan, fwom the Emiwates of Ylawuam. Bwought up and waised in the Makkwes Mountains of Wockhome, just nowth of Dewaan. Well known with the lands of wock and sand, he will guide us thewe.
Ouw othew companion is Sepawim Longstwidew, an Feadiel Elf frwom fowmer Alfheim. She will guide us in the wowld of plants, Fowests and woods of the wowld.
Ouw cook and most handy pewson is Stwaddle Leafboots fwom Fishtickle Bwidge in Heawtshiwe of the Five Shiwes. This Hin will bwing us into contact with the hills, wivews and fields.
That bwings us to myself, my name is Gaston vandew Klil, and not only am I the Leadew of this expedition, but I am also the mage with the knowledge of natuwe itself, geology, ecology and such. 
At last we have Wow, ouw Guawddog, 'though he nevew listens to me.
And Samen and Dolos, the howses who pull ouw wagon "The Discovewy".

Art by Alies Meerman

Basic Game statistics;
Salechaam Deraan,
Dwarf Level 9,  Age 78, 82 hp, HD9, AC 6, AV 4
St 18, IN 11, WI 12, CO 17, DX 9, CH 8. AL NG
Sv DeathRay/Poison4, Wands, 5, Paralysis/TurnToStone 6, Dragon Breath 7, Spell 3
Skills; Survival Desert/Mountains 11, Ceremony Kagyar/Al-Khalim 12, Navigation 11, Intimidation 18, Caving 12.
Craft; Engineer11; (Ettiquette 7(Ch) , Engineering 9, Architecture 11, Mapping 11)
Languages; Dwarvish (Rockhome Dialect), Ylari, Thyatian, Kobold (Soderfjord Dialect), Goblinoid (Makkress Dialect), Gnomish
Feith; Kagyar the Artisan, Great respect for Al-Khalim, Dislikes; Thanos(Thanatos), Orcus, Bagni Gullymaw.
Axe +3 of Returning "Mahawudi, Djinn Slayer", Dwarven Chain Mail +3, Ring of Hometown; Deraan(Ylaruam) (this item created by Gaston teleports the user safely to the perimeter of his hometown from any location on the Prime Plane).

Separim Longstrider
Elf Level 10, Feadiel Clan, Age 477, 52 hp, HD9, AC 6, AV 4
St 11, IN 15, WI 10, CO 11, DX 17, CH 15. AL NG
Sv DeathRay/Poison4, Wands, 7, Paralysis/TurnToStone 7, Dragon Breath 7, Spell 7
Skills; Animal Training (Horse)10, Alertness 17, Piloting (Wagon) 17, Hunting 15, Quickdraw 17, Nature Lore 15, Endurance 11(Co), Stealth Forest/Jungle/Woodlands(17 (Dx) ).
Craft; Herbalogist (Knowledge of Plants 16, Healing 14, 
Languages; Elfish (Alfheim Dialect), Thyatian(Darokin Dialect), Orc (Tharian Dialect), Gnoll (Ylari Dialect), Hobgoblin (Darokin Dialect)
Feith; Ilsundal. Respect for Asterius, Ixion and Nyx (Moon, Sun and Night), Dislikes; Thanatos, Atzanteotl.
Spells 3x1st, 3x2nd, 3x3rd, 2x4th, 1x5th.
Bow +3 of , Normal Sword +2,+4vs Giants "Grobbarock",Elven Mithril Chain Mail +3, Ring of Hometown; Feador of former Alfheim (see above)

Straddle Leafboots,
Halfling Level 7, Age 89, 34 hp, HD7, AC 6, AV 4
St 8, IN 11, WI 14, CO 11, DX 17, CH 15. AL NG
Sv DeathRay/Poison2, Wands, 3, Paralysis/TurnToStone 4, Dragon Breath 5, Spell 4
Skills;  Law and Justice 11(In), Blindshooting 17(Dx), Snares 11(In), Disguise11((In), Healing 11(Wi), Gambling 14(Wi).
Craft; Cooking11 (Foraging (Hills/Forest/Fields)10(In), Firebuilding 10(In), Foodtasting 10(Co), Drinking 9(Co), Butcher 7(St), Skinning 14(Dx), Art/Sculpting 8(In) ) .
Languages; Thyatian, elfish (Alfheim Dialect), Traldar, Alphatian
Feith; Raven Respect for all other Immortals, but also afraid of Humanoid and Entropic immortals.
Hin Leather Armor +5 of many pockets, Short Sword +3 "Loiuen from Lion Castle"
Hometown; Fishtickle Bridge in Heartshire of the Five Shires.(does not have a ring of Hometown, out of fear for Teleport mishaps.)

Gaston vander Klil, 
Human Mage Level 15, Born  15 Klarmont 978AC, 59 hp, HD9, AC 6, AV 4
St 7, IN 17, WI 15, CO 9, DX 10, CH 16. AL NG
Sv DeathRay/Poison 9, Wands, 10, Paralysis/TurnToStone 9, Dragon Breath 12, Spell 9
Skills; Knowledge Geomorfology and Ecology 17(In), Alternate Magics 17(In), Mapping/Cartography 17(In), Bargaining (16(Ch), Animal Lore 17(In), Knowledge Global History 17 (In), Piloting wagon 10 (Dx).
Craft; Apothecary 17(In) ( Alchemy 16(In), Herbalogy 16(In), Healing 16(In), Knowledge of diseases and afflictions 14(In) ).
Languages; Thyatian(Darokin Dialect), Averoigne (Glantrian), Sindhi, Stone Giant, Hulean.
Feith; Ilsundal. Respect for Asterius, Ixion and Nyx (Moon, Sun and Night), Dislikes; Thanatos, Atzanteotl.
Spells 5x1st, 4x2nd, 4x3rd, 4x4th, 3x5th, 2x 6th, 1x7th.
Staff +2 of , Dagger +1 of Summoning Stone Giants "Kailaahm", Ring of  Protection +3, Ring of Hometown; Glantri City (see above). 

Guarddog, Size 6' long, 3.5'high, age 3
ST 17, IN/WI  3, DX 9, CO 15,CH 12, AL N
AC7, AV by barding (2 if used), HD 2, Hp 17, Mv 120'(40') Run 1d10r 150'(50'), Sw 9'(3'), THAC0 17, Att; 1 bite 2d4+2, Sv F1, ML 8 (with Dwarf 9), 116 LBS
Skills; Instinct (Wi+4). Hide in Shadows (30%), Jump `0'(-2'with load 200-500 cn), Odor Scenting (Dx+2), Endurance (Co).
High Senses( 83% detect werewolf, Detect invisuble/ethereal IN+8, Tracking WI +8, Odor scenting Race succes, Odor scenting individual IN, Detect Noise 39%, -2 penalty on saves vs. sound/odor

Samen and Dolos, 
Superior Drafthorses Age 6 and 9
AC7, AV0, HD2, Hp 15 and 14, Mv 270'(90'), Packload 5000/10.000cn, Draftload 9000/18.000cn, Miles/day 18, THAC0 18, Att; 2 Hooves 1d6 each, or 1 bite 1d2. Upkeep 10 gp/month, Cost 50 gp each.
Responds to rider’s commands at the rider’s full driving skill at +2.
It can also do 1 horse trick; Samen; Dolos; 
Samen; Mature 16 hands high, Grey flecked, with socks male. Dislikes Humans (75% turn/bolt/buck when riding, not when driving wagon). This horse can count.
Dolos; Mature 17 hands high, Chestnut, with white muzzle and star facial marking female (Chews Fences),. This horse fetches upon command.

The Discovery
Large wooden Wagon, with copper curved roof, build 1000AC, readjusted 1012AC
Capacity 30.000 cn, 4 Wheels, 2 horses for drafting, 500 gp value, 4000cn weight.
10'wide, 30'long, with horses, harness and beam 43', 15; high, 2.5'ax height, wheels 5'
4 beds/chests, 1 table/storage, 1 stove, The Discovery has been enchanted like a Ring of Hometown to bring the wagon, dog, horses and those within, back on a single command).

Art by Alies Meerman
Following Chapters;
Geomorphological History of the Broken Lands 1