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Thursday, 27 October 2016

1 Mile Hex map

Eastern Half of the Broken Lands

This map is based on the canon maps of the Broken Lands of Mystara. 
all canon and fanon information I could compile about the region.

Compiled and written
By Robin D.(Thats me ;) )

With the help of;

Geoff Gander/Seer of Yogh
John Calvin
Thorfinn Tait
And some others on “The Piazza”
And Information on “Pandius”

For more information,  read; 

As their seems to be some problems in displaying this map on my deviantart page where I normally post my maps, this is my first attempt posting it in my Blog

This is the map of the Eastern half of the Broken Lands. 
Both of the Western half of the map will follow (Before and after Meteor impact)...
This Eastern half works for both periods as there were nogreat changes here within this timeframe.
Some minor tweaking of the map may be added, but these will be mentioned here.
without further ado here the map itself

4880 x 5600 = 17.7 MB
05-11-2016 The map has been slightly updated, there was an altitude flaw on the borders of the former Erewan Lake in the free province if Nyra and some tags weren't placed. (NW corner of map).
For those who already downloaded it only the new version is now here.
Download link here; Broken Lands 1 mile Hex Download

1 comment:

  1. Map is restored
    Some location and Nation names were gone, and theNorthern secttion had shiofted
    Map is now updated without these flaws


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