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Friday, 18 January 2019

An inbetween

Complete Mapping List

Behind the scenes I am working on new stuff, and I will return to the story soon
and alsokeep on working on the 1 mile hex maps which you seem to enjoy.

Enjoy the maps created thusfar; 

Hex map Legend
Legend latest update 18-01-2019

Darokin Tunnel Rockhome

The Great Canolbarth Forest Alfheim

Here the map in halves if your PC is low
West East

Future 8 mile hex Alfheim Maps;
After 1200AC

Broken Lands
These trailmaps can be used for Players
Trailmap Corunglain to Glantri with extra information !!
Trailmaps Corunglain Ethengar with extra information !!
Broken Lands East
Broken Lands West before Meteor

Broken Lands West After Meteor

Broken Lands maps, Geomorphological maps see here

Broken Lands Future(1100AC+)
Broken Lands Underground 1012AC+

Broken Lands Flow Directions with extra information

Broken Lands Underground 1020AC+

The Meteor Impact map
Meteor map (1st draw) (as canon)
Meteor map with better altitudes

Alternate Meteor options; (as canon target intended but disrupted by PC's in Wrath of the Immortals, this is what hapens if the PC's fail); Darokin City

Meteor diverted left; Central Broken Lands

Meteor diverted right; Lake Amsorak
Meteor diverted down early; Adri Varma-Glantri
If meteor was divertup up it passes through the upper atmosphere with weather/magic mishaps and becomes a retrograde 3rd moon/sattlelite, which will eventually crash into Matera or Patera.

Avonleigh in Mystara

City of Ardelphia
Ardelphia Darokin

Ethengar Northwest  work in progress!!
Ethengar Southwest  work in progress!!
Ethengar North  work in progress!!
Ethengar South  work in progress!!
Ethengar Northeast  work in progress!!
Ethengar Southeast  work in progress!!
Ethengar World Mountain  work in progress!!

Ethengar Historic Research maps; 
Historic overlay,
Timeline maps,
Ethengar in Ethengerian naming,
Ethengar Blackmoor Era
Future Ethengar

Ethengar Seasonal Lakes
Ethengar Chagon-Nah readjusted

Ritternour Glantri 

Soth-Kabree Glantri

Satolas Glantri

Nathrat Glantri

Erewan Glantri

Free Province of Nyra Glantri

De Glace & Hightower Glantri

Southern Belcadiz Glantri

Wylon Glantri

Trintan Glantri

Great School of Magic in Detail maps.

Future Glantri; 1751AC,
1751AC and beyond

Sind Desert/Black Mountains
The Great Pass (8mile hex)

The Great Pass

Krandai/Streel River Ethengar/Vestland

Carytion + art Thyatis

Carytion Thyatis

Ylaruam (Former Nithia, Former Mogreth Empire)
Planned as a next project
Ylaruam Current Era
Ylaruam Nithian Era (still in 8 miles will become 1 mile hexes)
Ylaruam Mogreth Lizard Era
Vulture Peninsula (Dark Crystal)

Hollow World
Blacklore Peninsula 40 miles hex

Blacklore Peninsula 8 miles

The Arch of Fire(must be readjusted in altitudes and some detail)

Trailmap Brun Northeast
Map issues with Lake Ishi (mid Brun)
Informative maps and tables

1 mile Maps Planned or  in the Making
Literally in the making, hoping soon to be finished, yet it is a lot of manual labor.
So keep your eyes open, as these are regularly updated (until they leave this section and are ready)

Silver Sierras Before Meteor
Silver Sierras After Meteor

For all my maps ; These are on deviantart
They are free downloadable by using the green arrow to the right

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