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Thursday, 27 August 2015


your thief desires to dress himself as a jester to get into the high chambbers of the evil overlord; but what is the price, weight and usage of jester shoes?
you've just slain a Owlbear, with luxurious fur. What would that be valued at?
The weather is going to be awful. You need a tent or other cover. What sorts which wehat statistics do exist and at what price?
Your character longs for vegetable soup, what is the money he needs to pay?.
The Npc in front of you has a heart attack and needs Callin. What is it and where to find it?
The clumsy party member accidetally broke the crystal decanter of the major. What would it cost to repay him?
What is Dwarven Mitaq and what does it do?
What set of tools is advised for a beginning Fighter?
A sword made by the legendary sword crafter "Eleesa the Dweller", would that truly be so much higher than a common sword, or...?
Your Druid want to Fish and requires a Good net. What will it cost?
Your cleric requires purple ink to pen down something specific for some unknown reason, but is that possible? and at what cost?
You have just bought a pouch  from some unscrupulous person, and then the item begins to scream; "Help . I'm Being Stolen"at the loudest it can.. What the...?
What is the price of a sextant?
What is the upkeep cost of that cursed parrot you have to protect and take care for from your grand mother?
You need a small cart to transport your fallen companion, but as a lawful paladin you must repay the owner, but at what value?
You are captured and enslaved. The slave master pinches your muscles, and looks at your body and teeth. What would you be valued at?
You are a well known person in town, yet someone tried to eliminate you. What must have been the price to do that, so you can overbid?
A stranger is applying Goat's Rue to a disabled person. What is it?
You are in the Hollow World in Milenia. What is the price of a Sun-bolt Javelin and how much damage does it do?
You have founda magical armor, but it is made of Bronze. How would that affect the Armor Value, weight and cost?
What does a Borgora's Inflatable scare dragon cost?
Your mage needs the eyelash of a Basilisk, but where can you buy it at what price?
In Glantri you want to be able to bear a weapon. What is the right license for that?
That Skunk sprayed you right in the face. How to get rid of that awful smell?
And many, many more questions.

Read the compilation book "What can be Bought"
Everything on Mystara listed convieniently together

With a Supply and Demand Table for price corrections for all known world nations.

Here are the Download links on Pandius.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Smurfs as a PC/NPC race on OD&D MYSTARA .

Hi all of you there.
Yes I know that I haven't been doing much posting here.
Real Life and other posting locations  sucked up waay too many time work and space.

So now I do have something new to share with you all.


The following PDF is using the Smurfs. Smurfs are a creation of Peyo (Pierrot Culliford and Thierry Culliford) owned by Heirs of the Culliford Family and IMPS.
This article in no way is used to threaten their rights. And in no way are any profits made from this work.

According to information from the Foundation for Smurf collectors in the Nederlands (Stichting voor smurfenverzamelaars Krant nr. 96 september 2013 page4(woordje voorzitter) IMPS is so overwhelmed by requests for using anything about smurfs that they will only act upon commercial misuse. As this aritcle in no way brings any profit there is no need for any written agreement.
With this said I am free to post this article. All rights remain exclusively with IMPS.
If they ever want to have this with drawn I will absolutely and directly agree.

I created this work with the utmost respect as I have to Peyo, theCulliford family and their creation "The Smurfs".
Hence I used them in the article itself.
Please keep also in mind that smurfs are a peaceful race and do not stroll around to slay any other creature. They refrain from any form of lethal force be it physical or magical.

If you like playing a new playful pacifistic yet adventurous race; The smurf might be what you seek.
Have fun.

The Download link on Pandius.

Monday, 9 March 2015

8 mile map of Blacklore Peninsula (Hollow World)

Its been awhile...
Busy working AND proofreading on future chapters of the Monster Manual...
But as a form of stress relief I made a map.

This map is a more detailed, and beter Scale of an earlier version in 40 mile hexes.
In itself that map was created after a unscaled map made by Havard which he based upon official D&D maps.
Both the official source maps of the part of the Hollow World and the map Havard made are placed to the right of the 8 mile map. (Link see below)
Without these I could not have created this map so thanx a lot.. :D 

There are a lot of new materials I had to work with.
Since the Blacklore Elves are technological advanced (or better said a remnant of ancient Blackmoor 4000 years ago), they have different map signatures.

Following Canon and Fanon sources they have Monorails, conduits for their utilities (Energy, water, waste, etc.), Automatic Walkways and Energy units (where they can recharge their tools and Automatons).
The cities and villages I still could use the same icons, even when they themselves are much more advanced.

And the border in which the technological objects function..(beyond that they cease to function, taken back they will start anew) This is a magical border, powered by the natural sorces of the area, and thus will remain in existence the Immortals intended.

The area is also on the Antarctic Southpole of the Hollow World, and thus has a great amount of arctic areas, and the areas of lesser or even no light as the rim of the gate to the Outer World.

Last but not least, the areas seems to be prone to geological activities, like Geysers and warm water rivers, some low pressure volcanoes, all which the Blacklore Elves and their Automatons generate their energy from.

The Ogres Havard mentioned I placed somewhat more higher in a equally enclosed but barren area, of hills and a somewhat labyrinth-like mountain area. I remember a tale of seven Ogres who set up their own tribes, competing with eachother until the dawn of time. So I mixed that story within.

At the same time I had to take care of the Original Canon sources and the map of Havard...this I had to stretch horizontally to fit the same dimensions as the canon maps.

All in all a heck of a job,...doing all only with a basic paint program and a high (very high) number of cut & Paste routines from the basic map of 40 miles, and a Legend which I used in the TM North map.

All in all I succeeded....or at least I hope..

There are still some flaws within..
For example the map lacks altitudes, so I have to update it later..
For the moment see the mountains bordering the frozen seas as higher than the areas deeper inland.

Frozen mountains are unable to traverse except by flight.
Please use the download button to your right (the Green arrow) to get the best example of this map (just copying it from sight greatly decreases detail)

I hope you all enjoys this.