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Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Lost Tables part 2

The following table is a compilation of the AD&D material saving throw table and the additions located in several adventures.(like I, Tyrant) The tables I clarified here with some use of corresponding Dragon Magazine articles.

Why do I place it here in D&D?.

There is actually only one reason; several Canon Mystara adventures and materials spoke of the material saves or even the Table itself, or were AD&D adventures, alternatively placed on Mystara, or some spells or even skills mentiioned the use of these saves.
So not only logic dictates the use of this table, it was mentioned to use in many cases.

Now it is available is one single easy to examine/use table.
Now the DM can literally ruin your equipment if you're careless.(thus acting unprepared, unprotected, not cleaning directly afterwards.

Examples; You wade through water, All your items will be affected by water (use the Acid rioll for this on soft items like paper, leather, liquids, organics and on metals) and forget to clean your equipment. Paper will cling together, often unable to seperate anew, metals will rust (weapons -1 hit and/or damage, Armor -1 AV), use you common sense and imaginatiion.
In this example any failed save will cause the water to affect the item. Metals will rust in a few days uless well treated (cleaned, oiled, sharpened), papers while wet can be carefully seperated and dried, etc. An item in this example will always be lost or unrepairable if this is NOT done on time. Some damages take longer to affect the item.And some protections (well-packaged, Sheated, wrapped, etc will give bonusses to the saves required. (1 to 4 maximum).

So if your PC fighter taunts the DM by willingly not using his mighty magic sword of giant slaying as he or she should do, or you want to get rid of an game unbalancing weapon, then make a material save now and then to see if the blade is rusted and is loose or breaks in the first hit...
"ya should take care of y'r stuff, fighter"

So have fun.

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