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Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Revenge of the Little Ones

Created; 1994 By                                                    Robin D.
Original Proofreading by;                                        Roland N.
Mapping Cartography by;                                        Robin D.
Art by;                                                                  Alies M.

Recreated, readjusted, improved, and restored by       Robin D.
(some times only papershreds were remaining of the original pages)
Proofreading By;                                                     Albert B.

Thanks to the full TSR-staff for creating the D&D World Mystara
Special Thanks to the writers/creators of the Gazetteers; Gaz 7 Northern Reaches, Gaz 8 The Five Shires, Gaz 10 The Orcs of Thar, The Creature Crucibles;  PC1 Tall Tales of the Weefolk, PC2 Top Ballista, The Draconic Circles from the Dragon Magazine (170??) article of Bruce Heard, the Wrath of the Immortals set, and the Thyatian/Alphatian Gazetteer.
Without these the adventure could not be made.
Also thanx to the website, where I could retrieve lots of information sofar unknown.

Originally written for the Euro Gencon 1995 Championship of TSR/RPGA for all gamers in the world.

Let us all be friends (and gamers.).


In the days before Hin recorded time, the Immortals Night and Mother Earth were friends. And while other Immortals created races single-handedly, Night and Mother Earth worked together on the creation of the Halfling race.
Originally living on the southern continent Davania, with only contacts with the elves there, they became a strong race.
After the Great Rain of Fire in 3000 BC the lands, climate and whole environment changed and became more and more inhospitable.. The Hin as the Halflings called themselves left their ancestral lands and homes and moved north by ship.
Around 1300 BC the Hin came to the area that is now the Five Shires. The cape where they landed they named Faerdinel Keep (Faer = Hope, Dinel= haven in Lalor (Hin language)) The Hin see his as the beginning of Hin history.
The Hin erected towers where they made Landfall (not only Faerdinel Keep, but nearby too).And in the upcoming centuries, the Hin slowly entered the rolling hills north, filled with riches and a race of friendly pacifistic elves (the Gentle Folk. In these years they slowly abandoned the keeps they erected earlier, as the Sea of Dread was far  from stable and save in these decades due to tectonic instability, and the Hin forgot most of them. And when the Gentle Folk disappeared under Orcish and Human attacks the Early days of Hin-kind were at an end.
Many Hin have searched for Faerdinel Keep but none have actually found it, nor others. Great earthquakes which originally created the Ierendi and Minrothad Islands were often still active, and in the centuries the Hin explored the main land, the coastline disappeared beneath the waves, altered, or became small islands.
Faerdinel and most other keeps collapsed and the surrounding areas covered it completely. And while every Hin searched for a cape on the Shire Shores, none came upon the idea that Faerdinel could be further East and the others could be sunk or locked on the tiny islands.
Around 650 AC something happened. From the Thanagioth Islands in the South arrived a young dragon. Gartax was its name. And it was as Evil as it was smart and cunning. In the following centuries it became more and more powerful. In 1001 AC Gartax changed into a Huge Dragon, and with it’s Omen of Coming many earthquakes raked the land. And unknown to Gartax, this led to the reopening of one of the sister keeps of Faerdinel. And while Gartax had made its lair literally on top of this keep, he never knew about it. Although he found some ruins, he never understood the importance of it to the Hin. In these ruins he kept its treasure hoard. Just during it’s last Circle of Magic he found a scroll tube speaking about some might and knowledge to be found in the very same keep. So he puzzled and searched
Unknown to him Mother Earth and Night had reunited and agreed it was time to reveal the Hin their ancient roots. Therefore they placed knowledge and visions in the heads of several individuals they cherished They also placed the scroll tube and hoped their plot would lead to what they intended; A friendship, spread over day and night of all races together.
And indeed Gartax flew away to try to locate Faerdinel keep, but even in it’s a recent Circle of Knowledge, it did not find what it longed for. And when the Circle of Feeding started, on the hunt for a large feral creature, it lost the Tube it held so dearly on the spot where both Immortals had planned it.
Now all they had to do was wait, trusting that their faint hints, and maybe a riddled hint later, were enough and see if all would come as they had plotted.

And now it is up to You... Adventurers, DM's and Gamers.
To Enjoy, Have Fun and finish this adventure.

The following Link leads to the Introduction chapter, Round one, Round two, and Round Three.

If you intend to use the characters in further adventures and need Experience  use the following in addition to treasure and combat experience.
Solving the Puzzle;   2500 XP to each Player.
Finishing Round one;  1500 XP to each Player.
Determining the shriek in the moor was the inhabitant ; 500 XP to total
Leaving the Zzonga addicts alive; 500 XP to total
Trying to find a way to cure them from their addiction; 1000 XP to total
Locating the secret room; 1500 XP to each player
Finding the Temple; 500 XP to each player
Removing the key from the cold pool; 5000 XP to total
Finishing Round two; 3000 XP to each player
Solving the teleport maze within 10 passings (going from one to another); 500 XP to that Player
Solving the teleport maze within 9 passings (going from one to another); 1500 XP to that Player
Solving the teleport maze within 8 passings (going from one to another); 2500 XP to that Player
Solving the parchment Riddle(s); 500 XP
Finishing round three with Gartax as Gold; 6000 XP to each Player
Finishing round three with Gartax as Red; 1000 XP to each surviving Player
Each treasure succesfully grabbed  will count doible for experience (as normal magic itens give no experience)

And again the  download links are available on our trusted Pandius site
(or individually)


  1. Do you have a copy of the origonal adventure at all?

    1. yes, as being the original writer, I still have some examples of the chapters and of the base writing and mao sketches(before completion) in storage, although damaged by water and mice, so it had to be restored.
      But the adventure is too much fun not to give it too you people.
      so enjoy.

    2. I'm interested in how the original game actually looked.. I collect old con game modules..

  2. i'll try and see if a can make a picture, but as said, the three chapters were badly damaged, as were the originals.
    This version you have here is near to equal to the original used in the championships, but restored, and slightly improved with maps, illustrations, and some expanded statistics....and text were obliterated, reinstalled.


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