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Sunday, 17 August 2014


A gamer once asked Bruce Heard why Green Slimes would not infest every forest. Bruce answered; Have you ever heard of the Green-Slime-Guzzler. We learned then that it can’t be used as a familiar, but what actually is a Green-Slime-Guzzler, and how does it live.

Undead are somehow linked to the realm of Limbo (also a very interesting subject of our great master Bruce Heard), but which undead, is linked how, and all those undead you once heard of but actually know nothing of.

The cave is filled with tangling sticky webs. When you touch it, your fingers seem to go numb, then a multitude of eyes seem to envision you, what foul spider does have a dietary interest in your presence?

You have battled a pair of Shadows, and even though you survived, you feel very week. What can you do to strengthen up yourselves?

You tumbled into some dug pit, crash-landing between some crude jars of sweet honey. Then you hear someone speaking; “Query; What are you doing?” “Statement of personal belief; You probably shouldn’t have done that”. Is this creature trustworthy, friend or foe, and what is it actually?

The tomb slowly opens, and a mummy steps out, yet it speaks. How can this be? What have you just unleashed upon your party?

You wander around in the Broken Lands and are out of food. Then you find some strange singing mushrooms, but are they edible, usable, poisonous or attacking, or just a nuisance?

In Alphatia a drowsy magic-user in a dark bar offers you a purple strawberry. What is it and what does it do? And what are the consequences accepting this gift?

In the ocean waves you see a blue-yellow skull-like thing floating. Should you warn your swimming friends or is it just nothing important?

You hold your holy symbol in front of you, yet the vampire ignores it, how can this be?

You sleep in an old tavern on the savage coast. You look around, and only see clods of dust. Is there any danger now to sleep here?

You’ve penetrated the Evil tower of Soth. You touch the walls, they feel strangely organic but then you feel not so friendly any more, strange thoughts invade your mind. What is going on?

These and many more Questions are now to be answered, as more of the compiled information of all D&D sources of Mystara creeps and critters is available.
Yes, the next chapters of the compilation book Monster Manual Chapter 3 Lowlife and Chapter 4 Undead are to be found as PDF with bookmarks on the Pandius site.
Here the Direct Links.

Have fun.