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Thursday, 17 November 2016

The Wonderful World of Mystara

A Manuscript about the Natural Magical World of Mystara

Chapter 7

A Moment of gentle Seduction in orgiastic frenzy

As penned down by Separim Longstrider
Darokin Province of Inlashar 1014 AC, 4th  Yarthmont
After a night of gratifying results…ahem…I awoke.  The blankets just covered me, and my companion was just preparing to don his last boot. My nails raked his still bare back, and he turned around. Instantly I was shocked…he did not look like he did the night before, the same features, but more gruff, dirty and …older…and his muscular lower body had been replaced by a floppy belly. Even his voice was broken and crooked, when he gently tried to ask if I desired bread and milk for breakfast. That was one thing that did not change his personality, and demeanour.  Yet somehow I did not notice how simpleminded he actually was…a local farmer. How could I…What did happen…what had happened.  When he departed for getting breakfast, in his friendly mood, I got dressed. I ventured outside, and noticed that the village of Estobrun was a village as any other local in the region, gone was the beauty, the radiance, gone was the aura of pleasantness. It was a boring village like any other, and the people within were similar. We were the exception, clean, reasonably young and attractive to some point we all were, to the locals at least. I turned to my Book of Leaves and opened the Divination chapter. Rapidly memorizing several divination spells, as due the sleep all my spells had gone. (1)
“Sorry Milady” here’s bread and milk as promised”. The voice of the man was still gruff, but his intentions were gentile, …and I did sleep with him tonight. “Thank you…sorry I do not know your name?” “Neither do I know yours Milady, even though…we…eh…did …eh… spend the night together. I must apologize; this is not my normal behaviour. I truly hope you are not offended, and I am willing to undo any harm I can undo and help where ever I can, and…” Here I stopped the poor fellow with his rapid apologies, with a simple shhh.” It is not your fault”…and cast a spell of Detect Magic. My eyes blinked as normal, and my vision revealed all magic in the familiar blueish glow, unless covered. We both bore a cloud of dissipating magic, so magic of Thought it must have been, maybe a charm spell of some kind. It was dissipating, thus had no more effect, maybe it had some illusionary effect too, but that’s thought magic too. I saw the glint of a simple protection ring on the man, but he further had no ambient magic or any residue other than what we both had. We were both victimized by this spell. “Wait a moment here,…please” I gestured to the man while moving outside. It was a clouded day, not warm, not cold, and actually normal to the season. I wandered a bit around, and saw faint residue of the same cloudy aura on any person or animal in the area, and evaporating traces in the air. Whatever this spell was, it was much stronger than a simple Charm spell. It had affected the whole village, and turned all within to an ecstatic orgy of wild sexual desire. Some people were bickering, not content what they had done, some did the same wanting more. All bore the same traces of magic….the spell could have ended only some time ago. As I moved around I saw Straddle and Salechaam bearing the same aura. They seemed to be content by what happened, seeing no apparent difference between the last night and now, they happily greeted and send their happy companions away. Gaston did not bear the residue…could he…Before I could finish my sentence in my thought, he looked upon me. “Twuly,…?” frowning his thick brows. I did not know if he reacted upon my thought or that I was looking through a divining spell. “Stwange night tonight, stwange effects, don’t you agwee Sepawim?”
“Yes, absolutely” I responded while still looking around. The aura seemed to originate from the area where we entered the village. “Do you have magic available?” I requested. “Yes, I have not slept so all spells awe still within.” Together we moved towards the gate, noticing our searching movement, Straddle and Salechaam followed, bearing Row the dog with them. “Here the spell is cast, and it did affect all within a hundred feet or so” I spoke out loud when I noticed the residue spark of the spell. “I think the caster was about 5’high as the gesture spark is just at 3.5’.” Row suddenly started barking. Salechaam instantly responded “Fetch”, and released the loop which held him. The dog spurred forward, and attacked something on a small hill, 50 yards or so away. Words were spoken and some shrieking, attempts at spell casting, but the trained dog’s attacks were so rapid each spell was disturbed. Within the ruckus a maiden appeared, stunningly beautiful, but now bearing several scratch and bite marks. Row had toppled the girl and was standing on all fours over the young girl, his jaws above the throat, saliva dripping down from upturned lips. “Halt” was all needed by Salechaam to stop the attack. 
Gaston grabbed the girl by her arm; “Who awe you and what magic did you cast?” Straddle increased the threat, by yelling “Or we will not heal your wounds”.  The girl bursted out in tears, and was unable to respond. Gaston cast a decreased web spell to bind the girl. (2) And we moved here to the centre of the village. Soon the whole population was attending. Then together with Pernicus the Village leader/elder we started to interrogate the girl, for it seemed that she was either responsible for the effects of last night, or part of it. At first all she could do was whine and snotter, until Salechaam brazed his voice to a heavier tone, and ordered answers. Instantly she fell silent. Some men and women found Salechaam a brute, gruff, and unfriendly, but it seemed that this was a side effect of the ambient magic she carried, for as she stood up, to view around, she fell, still bound by the web, into the mud. Instantly everybody thought she was the one responsible.
“Who are you?” Straddle requested. “Melissa, my name is Melissa Alkesander” was a soft, sad, response. “What magic did you use upon us?” Gaston asked in a softer tone, like a father uses on his faulty daughter, but this was rapidly followed by Salechaam ordering “And speak the Truth, our mage has a detect lie active, and we will throw you in the brig when you lie!!” Timidly she responded; “Actually several spells…”. “Speak up, which spells!!” Salechaam thundered. “Several Skank Spells….. But there was something wrong, I could not stop casting the spell, even when I was out of my normal limit of spell capability”. 

”SPELLLOCK” Gaston replied “You’ve been Telepowted ow something?” “Yes, I was in the mansion of Senator Serpetius Asbestos trying to make my earnings”. “You mean theft…” Straddle responded “…for you were invisible.” “Ehh…yes” was the soft reply. “So you’ve been caught red-handed” Salechaam thundered with a smile as wide his beard could carry. “I suppose that happened last night, somewhewe awound the time we awwiwed in this settlement?” “I am really sorry, I am not an evil girl, I am just a…” “Seductress” Straddle interrupted. Shamefully she looked up “Yes…I am a Seductress” (4)

“Where ya from” Pernicus the village Elder requested. “I am from Armstead, a small town in Darokin, I was captured some years ago, sold as a slave in Ylaruam, and the only way for me to escape this predicament was to learn the craft of Seductress. A local lady Ishya helped me in this, and that’s how I escaped and ended up in Thyatis. I am not a very powerful or experienced caster, so the senator’s mage detected me casting Skank while invisible in an attempt to get the guard distracted and I could escape”. 
“Hmm nice idea, failed though miserably” Straddle reacted admiringly. “I knew there’s something of a thief in you…” Salechaam instigated agitation. “SILENCE!!” 
Gaston ordered. “So you awe belonging to the weakest mage class existing and you claim twying to escape a theft attempt. You can pwove this if you show what you stole!!” “Empty her Pockets” the dwarf ordered. Pernicus send the smith, a tall muscular man, to search her coat, for pockets, not forgetting the belt, and boots. A scroll with seal, and a small blue velvet spellbook, a slice of tack, some silver pieces and a hoof of a mountain goat came forth.  
Gaston investigated. “Is youw Detect Magic spell still active Sepawim?…Then please take a look”. ”Only the scroll, hoof and the spell book have remnants of ambient magic upon it. The hoof sheds Matter magic, while the book sheds minute traces of Thought magic.” Gaston opened the scroll and broke the seal with a snap. 
“Hmmm.” he pondered and with a simple scorch spell burned the scroll. The girl cried “Noo!!!” “What you said is the truth Melissa, but the scwoll is not the one you needed. You stole the wrong one.” “Noo, no no…” was all she said. “Pewnicus”. “Yes master”. “Please wash and dwess the giwl and then wetuwn hewe to me with hew…no violence and some decency please, she is ouw guest…fow the time being”. “Yes Sir” and with the smith and some women they went in the washhall where the women normally do laundry. “Out, out“ the women pushed the men away, “Now it’s our work. No need for eyes of desire and lust.”
The Discovery crew convened, investigating the items. “What was on the scroll Gaston? Straddle requested. “Nothing impowtant fow us to know. If the giwl wetuwns bwing hew to me. I have to memowize my spells”, and went into the wagon. Straddle looked upon the ashes…”Nothing to learn from those”. “Look at these spells” I responded; “See these names? Yemelat's Orgiastic Frenzy, Seduction, Charm  Man, De Grass Pilfering Fingers. I’ve even never heard of these spells. And they aren’t even written in mage script, so each mage could read them”. Salechaam tore the booklet from my fingers…: “There are only scribbles within, no letters or runes or such”. “Hmmm, apparently the ambient magic reveals itself on specific conditions, either the Detect Magic, or the fact that I can cast magic must be the key” 
“Hi…” a timid female voice broke my thoughts. “Here she is heroes. Clean as a whistle” It was Pernicus with the girl, and several gleaning men behind them. The girl was gorgeous, decently dressed, but this could not cover her well developed figure. "I ordered the men to return to their daily duties while we were to bring Melissa to Gaston" said Pernicus. Tapping on the wood of the wagon to call Gaston, he soon came out. “Ah, you’ave hew weady” “Now Melissa, listen cleawly. You can’t stay hewe in da wildewness. This be no place fow a city giwl like you. I’ll cast a spell to bwing you to Cowunglain, ow at least neaw to it. Thewe you can find youw way and fweedom”. “But the scwoll…”. “You do not need it, you do not even need to know its contents”. So pwepawe, Hewe awe youw items, say goodby, and entew youw fwee life…thewe”. Melissa stood up;”Thank you for your kindness, all of you. I will not forget this”. “Neither will we” mumbled many men, pinched in the side by their women. “Middle fingew taught, index fingew cwooked,  waving the stweam of an accolade, my mind set up, To Cowunglain you go” With these words following the vibrant tunes of magic, were weaved, a circle of magic runes was shortly visible around Melissa, and before the round was past the spell was finished. With a silent plop, she disappeared instantly.
North of Corunglain, Mellisa did appear near the farm Gaston so liked (see chapter1). Indeed only a short distance from the city. “Thank you friends, truly thank you. I will not forget this”. She opened here booklet and began memorizing her spells. The first she cast was a Balance spell, using the hoof as focus component. Then she made small steps over the rocks in the brook, despite her 6 inch high heels, and walked into the city, free.


While the Discovery left the hamlet of Estobrun. Gaston bore the reins. Straddle next to him. “Gaston? What was written on the scroll?” “A wawning my fwiend, a wawning to us all. The Iwon Wing is meddling again in the affaiws of nowmal men.” “The Iron Ring?” “Yes, sowwy to say that, but as she’s telepowted hewe, the castew must have been familiaw with this wegion, and the sole weason, today is us…ouw voyage!!” “Damn…” was all Straddle could say. He looked around, his eyes met Row the dog walking beside the Discovery. The wagon slowly continued over the trail through the region of Magyar Orzag.

1). Important notice; Spells of magical or clerical origin are stored in the mind of the caster until used. However; when the caster loses consciousness or falls asleep, all spells are lost. This means danger to any caster, because if he/she loses consciousness, he can’t bring any spell out. This is the reason most experienced casters have, several scrolls, rings, staffs or other items able to be used when no magic is memorized or stored within the brain.
Spell storage (Int/Wis); High-level casters can however, learn a specific skill which enables them to memorize one spell for each intelligence bonus (Wisdom for Clerical classes) even while losing consciousness. This skill can only be learned if the caster is able to cast 5th level magic. The skill adds 10 minutes (1 Turn) to the memorization/praying time to acquire the spells, and the caster chooses which spells will be stored. If the spells are cast prematurely, or the caster is subjected to forget spells, Anti Magic, severe brain damage or similar before the loss of consciousness appears, they will NOT be available. The caster must roll his skill check to this ability, and if successful the spells chosen will be available instantly when the caster awakes from sleep or resumes consciousness as if still memorized. Nothing changed to the spells. If not successful, the spells will be gone as normal. The skill can be learned from any with this skill, and needs a free skill slot as per skill rules from the D&D Rules Cyclopedia pages 81-86. The caster is unaware if his skill use is successful or not until he/she awakes. The first time the skill is learned it has a value of 8+1d4, but never more than the current intelligence (or wisdom if clerical) of the caster. This can be increased by learning from another teacher later, but is never higher than the value of that teacher. Casters able to use clerical AND magical spells must choose before which type of spells, and the skill will be based on that type alone.

2). A caster is always able to reduce the effects of any spell he or she is casting, on a successful ability check (Mages; intelligence, Clerics; Wisdom). As some spells have random effects, the reduction will be counted from there. Mostly a caster decreases distance, area of effect, or the final effect. However, the whole spell is used, however small the effect is. This ability does not affect the spell in any other way and normal saving throws do apply. A web spell for example does normally cover an area of 10 feet, with this reduction, it could be used to bind a person.

3). Spelllock. This severe handicap occurs on a magic user of any class which is severely disturbed in casting a spell. The handicap causes the same spell to be cast continuously, thereby draining the caster of all available magic, including items. Artifacts will be nullified for a week at most, but each spell cast drains that amount of spell levels, charges or HD from the items until there is no more magic. Continuous or temporary effects are exempted (example; Bless, Invisibility). If the caster happens to be in an area with magic nearby, the handicap will continue until that magic is empty/suppressed too. This includes all magic items within 10 feet.
This severe condition only happens to those casters who are subjected to a transportation spell of any sort while casting the spell that is repeated by the effect, and failing an intelligence check. The caster will still be transported, but then the handicap will be released. Non magic users and clerics of any kind will not be affected, but could be affected by the magic drain caused by a caster suffering this handicap.

4). Seducer class is a mixture of Darokin Merchant (of which they use several spells), Mage and Thief, where the goods are the service of the Seducer. To know more about the seductress class download the PDF with all class info and special spells Here.

Warning; this is adult material. Do not use this class in a way children learn wrong things. Even if though this is a game, women, even those of the craft, earn our respect, for if it were not for them, many more women would be victimized by the lust of others. 
The class is meant to fill in the niche of womanizer or desirable woman like as presented in many movies. Not to incite indecent behaviour. Cases of sex are therefore best NOT detailed, just mentioned, nothing more. This way some eroticism can enter the game and keep it respectfully to all.

We are all adults; let’s behave like adults, with fun and respect
A very nice miniature can be found here;  Seductress

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