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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The Lost Tables

Diseases and Afflictions.

Reawakened by Havard's discussion on Piazza (Diseases & Afflictions) about Diseases on Mystara, I plunged into my old compilation sources and I found all you dared to  inquire about Mystara diseases and Afflictions but were also afraid to Ask.

Here the PDF with all diseases and how to use them, how to find them, how to treat them, how to heal them, how to fear them, how to learn by them. All the spells from Cure Light Wounds to Raise Dead explained in detail and expanded on detail. How do you heal specific wounds. What skills might be useful. What equipment do I need to survive a wound or affliction.etc. etc.

Without further ado, here is another of my compilation books set for Dungeons & Dragons on the World of Mystara.

Enjoy in Horror.

Beware...diseases in the game are an important game mechanic, which can have great effects of learning, but may also if misunderstood, enable loss of game fun....and that is the reason why a good DM explains why it exists, and how players (and the DM of course ;) ) have to tackle with it.

11-07-2017; Link is restored, sorry for the confusion