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Monday, 18 March 2013

The last months I noticed that no complete detailed map existed of the Continent of Brun.
After several weeks of surfing I compiled a lot of information and existing maps.
I decided to fuse these together into a comprehensive map of the NE part of the continent..
Later I will try to clarify specific regions of this map.

Download it Here
On thev right on that Deviantart page  is a download button.
Hope you'll enjoy. it sofar.


  1. Original map is 147 MB and size is 6827 x 7545

  2. Replies
    1. Indeed. took a while to compile.
      Now I'm writing the stuff that was Not written in the Fan-based gazeteers (as link-listed in my Blog)
      Somehow most of my projects tend to grow.... ehhh... somewhat large.... ahem..
      the first hole filled in was the Grouzhina flood.
      If you are interested (and I would be TRULY honored)you can place some input or write some stuff.
      Chapters about locations I have some ideas but currently nothing written about are. Kingdom of the dead(Borean valley) where even nature is dead.Most Undead species reside here. a strong connection to limbo and the kingdom of the dead (from TSR 9214 M5 Talons of Night)
      The Ancient Frozen Forest (a remnant from Blackmoor era frozen by wind and ice)

      Frosthaven, The Frost Giant Kingdom
      Krakens deep
      Mount Crystykk (norse legend of the three norns on icicold unfriendly mountain)

      If you like and want, pick one and let loose your hounds of phantasy.
      I already Know I would like it.

  3. HI! Nice bloh, and wonderful map. May I ask what did you use to make it? Right now I'm trying to make an hexed map of Forgotten Realms but it is a very time-consuming task (only Cormyr and surrounding area done so far).