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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Hello there again.
Besides the map I have compiled here recently (I'm more a compiler  who fletches everything together like a well designed tapestry, filling the holeswith creations of my own design) I also have compiled a book (massive Tome) about the Mystaran Immortals.
It is hosted on the Pandius site (, for shortcut here the shortcut.
It takes a while to download, but its heavy illustrated and very comprehensive.PDF of 800+ pages

The Book is named the Immortals, and is the first of my work.

I hope anybody who reads it will enjoy it.

BTW other books will come soon.
These are the chapters of the most-heavily illustrated complete monster manual where all information of a specific creature is compiled together. 

Soon no more  searching for what does a Leveller eat, what is the wingspan of my dragon, how much weigh the bear I just killed, what good parts does a gelatinuous cube have if harvested, etc.

Soon the PDF will be ready and make accesible to all.
Be warned the book will be set in chapters online as it currently host a 3450 pages, and i'm still working on the last two chapters.

The First two chapters are fully finished, the wait is how to place them online, probably by again.

Other ideas are welcome.

Here a preview


  1. Its underway. I have to Wait for Pandius to host it, or find another hosting site. difficult if y'r as inexperienced on the net as me.
    Thanx for the eagerness to wanting to have it. gives a good feeling.

  2. Hi there
    Currently I have to wait for Wizards to allow me to place the material.
    Since most of the material used is TSR, now owned by them, and Bruce Heard advised me to be very careful for copyrights, I'd better try doing it the right way.
    So for relerase of the Monster Manual, we have to wait.

    Sorry, but I'd prefer NOT to have difficult lawsuits and similar stuff upon me.

  3. Impressive work!. A great work of data collection and also a very good presentation. And will also be very useful for all those who still enjoy running ¿mastered? games in the Known World.

  4. Yes. Indeed. Thanx. Plublishers here in the Netherlands who saw me working on it while i was homeless (until 9 months ago) in the public library, were awed by it. They'd wished that their writers who serve what they had this way. Imagine how I felt, that day. :))

    That's the reason I want to make it open to the D&D fans worldwide.
    Together with my other works; The Immortals (link on this blog), Pages of Virtue(ready, waiting), Character Creation with classes, skills, weapon mastery, etc (almost ready, then PDF, waiting), The Ultimate Spellbook (not ready, needs many illustrations, then PDF, and of course also waiting), and finally a complete Dungeon Master Book with weather, traps, tricks, effects and contra-effects, Ecology, Politics,(with GREAT input by the works of BRUCE HEARD's articles in the Dragon Magazines of yesterday.) etc. (Here is the most work to be done).

    And now hope Wizards does not poke a stick in the wheel by preventing to post it.

  5. So you know, I just checked, and Pandius is rapidly putting online their backlog of submissions. So once you get any releases you need from WotC to post your works, I think Pandius will be able to take it. I can't wait!

    1. Btw what do you mean with; backlog of submissions.
      Sorry couldn't translate that.

    2. I think indeed that the problem doesn't is with Pandius. They're very happy to post it. I think the wait (and some say this is futile) is for Wizards to allow me to use the compiled, reordered, illustrated (most by old TSR or Wizard stuff) which is the main blokkade that's possible.
      I'm currently checking up laws in this case; so far the case is as followed;

      A verbal allowance of the TSR materials was grated in the days of TSR
      The material will not be made into a source of profit, nor will it hinder profits by the current owner of the material.
      The material is completely rewritten, reordered and thus should fall into the free usage of materials rule.
      A new allowance is requested, so to create full use possible.
      A list of sources, authors will be added (so far as possible)to give respects to their work.
      Material not allowed to be used will be withdrawn.


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