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Friday, 22 March 2013

Respect given to where needed.
As said before I am more a compiler than creator. I collected various bits and pieces together, created by others. From my opinion these persons nead their respect for their part of my work.
So here I give specified links which all lead to the Site where fans have created the basic information about several important parts of Mystara which I used in the map I compiled (.

These Gazetteers give all information about various specific regions on the map.

The current existing "holes" on the map will be filled in here on; Breath of Mystara blog (

Wendar Gaz F1
Realm of Wendar, gazetteer 

Denagoth Gaz F2
Denizens of Denagoth, gazetteer

Northern wildlands Gaz F3
Northern Wildlands, gazetteer

Ghyr Gaz F4

Heldannic Knights Gaz F7

Landfall Gaz F8

Oceansend Gaz F9
Kaarjala Gaz F10

Search the main Vaults of Pandius site and you find more information

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