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Saturday, 23 March 2013


Prime Requisite                     Wisdom
Experience Bonus         -20%       Wisdom  3-5
                                    -10%       Wisdom  6-7
                                    +5%        Wisdom 13-15      
                                    +10%       Wisdom 16+
Hit Dice                       1d6 per level up to 9tth level  +1hp / level / Constitution adjustment.
Starting with 10th level    +1 hp/level      Constitution bonus no longer applies
Armor                           None.
Weapons                      No edged or pointed weapons, all other permitted
Sometimes an Immortal will enforce a weapon, even if pointed (ex. Vanya with swords), but other restrictions will apply.
Special                 Clerical Spellcasting, Immortal granted ability, Turning Undead, special abilities.
Maximum Level:             36.

Healers, as the name implies, are designed to allow rapid repair of other characters. The Healer has therefore special abilities and special spells that allow them to do this. No Healer can ever chance his class on his or her own volition. The Healer has a special set of spells exclusive to his own class, but can Turn Undead as a normal Cleric. Even in saves and hit roll they are equal to normal clerics. In any not mentioned case use the cleric statistics instead.

Basic requirements

Minimum scores of 15 each in Intelligence, Wisdom and Dexterity. 
Healers can only be Lawful or Neutral. A Chaotic Healer is not possible, and when a Healer turns Chaotic due some magical effects he will turn out to become a mere fighter with no abilities remaining to either c
                    -One Knowledge Skill as:     Knowledge of Plants and Fungi
                                                                or Knowledge of Diseases and Afflictions
                                                                or Knowledge of Races
                    -One Healing Skill as:        Healing
                                                             or Veterinary Healing General
                                                            or Veterinary Healing Specialized
                   -One Profession Skill as:     Chirurgy
                                                            or Apothecary
                                                           or Anatomy/Taxidermy
Later Skills may be chosen from this list, but also other skills may be chosen. But only these skills grant the Healer an extra bonus of 1 on the skill checks. All other skills are penalized by 1, except knowledge skills.


Healers can’t wear any armor or shields, bracers, and as normal only one protection device.
The spells they are able to cast can never be used in a harmful way, so a “Cure” spell can’t be turned in to a “Cause” spell, etc..


Special abilities are conferred upon the Healer at several abilities as according the following table, any experience and Saves or hp are as per normal Cleric class.

Lay on Hands:

Cures 1d6+1 healing points, but he can close only minor wounds of up to 7 damage, any wounds with more damage will reopen with movement and the healing has failed completely (except when rested for at least 1 day per 1+ Constitution bonus hit point lost).
So the Lay on hands will cure several wounds completely as long as they do not exceed 7 points.
This ability doesn’t remove any other afflictions. So when a bear attacks a character with claws for 5, and 6 and bites for 8 damage, and hugs for 6, only one of the claw wounds can be closed, an attempt on the bite will stay closed it for as long as the patient doesn’t move or otherwise exerts himself.
The Hug damage will not be healed since this is crush damage and not a wound.
Thus it is also useless to do this on poisoned, sick, crushed, paralyzed creatures, since it cures only wounds.
The Healer can use this ability once per positive Wisdom adjustment point, even when he has no spells.

Detect Molds, Slimes

At 40’ distance the healer will be able to detect the presence of slimes or molds by smell and sight of the environment, but not the species.

Identify general type of potions
Identify the general type of magical effect of a potion by taste, smell, viscosity, touch and color. But it doesn’t reveal what specific kind of potion it is, only to what type it belongs.
The 5 Types are:
-Healing          (Any curing, Longevity):-
-Enhancers      (including Agility, Giant Strength, Fly, Heroism, Fire Resistance, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, ESP, Fortitude, Levitation, Luck, Sight, Speech, Speed, Invulnerability, Strength, Swimming, Treasure Finding ),
-Alterations     (including Blending, Defense, Elasticity, Ethereality, Diminution, Merging,  Elemental or Gaseous form, Growth, Invisibility, Water Breathing.):-
-Controls       (including; Dragon-, Animal-, Human-, Undead-, Giant-Control, Dreamspeech):-
-Poisons         (includes bug repellant, poisons, and antidotes).

Detect Disease and infections

The healer can detect the presence of a disease in a patient, it’s direct living area, and (DM) the whole nearby affected environment on sight or smell, only.) But this doesn’t reveal what disease, a special healing skill check or spell and lots of Time are needed to recognize diseases or infections.

Use Rods and Wands

The healer can from now on use rods and wands usable only to Magic users with a 5% chance of success/level above 16 (-2 per failed check, cumulative per try.). Any failure will result in not being able to use the item at that moment.

Use 4 first level magic spells

The healer can now learn to cast magic spells in addition to prayed spells (spellbook needed!!, often the prayer book is used instead) on a successful Intelligence check and tutoring (by a Mage of at least level 9) in the spells to be memorized. These 4 spells can never be exchanged for any other spells, and all four must be learned at the same Time. This learning takes three times as long as a magic-user would need to, with only half the chance of success, at double the normal costs. This all due the difference in working with magical forces between the two classes.
Some spells will be made available to Healers at different levels of powers when they follow a specific Immortal.
These spells can only be extra spells if the description at the Immortal’s notes say so. Mostly a spell will be made unavailable to the Cleric for the spell to become available.   

The Healer Spell list

All Aquatic based Immortals or those with Clerics below water will chance the following spells:
Purify Food and Water        into         Purify Food and Clear Water                                              
Insect Plague                        into         Shrimp Plague                      
Aerial Servant                      into         Summon Undine
Earthquake                           into         Sea Fury

Reversed spells can only be cast by Evil or Chaotic casters, with only a few exceptions; Darkness, Free Person, Barrier, Snakes to Sticks, and when the Immortal (in the guise of the DM) allows it temporarily. Obliterate and Slay Living can however be memorized and cast at Undead creatures. 

The Colors and symbols used in the list have different meaning, as explained in the List Legend.
Uncommon, Rare and Very Rare spells are normally not found at the local Clergy, the percentages given are the chance that a single specific temple knows this version of the spell.
Elemental spells (Energy, Matter, Thought, Time,) and Alignment spells (Good, Evil, Chaotic, Nongood or Evil) can only be cast by those of the given immortal’s element and alignment, often the cleric has to have this alignment too, to be able to memorizeand cast the spell.
Aquatic and savage coast spells can only be found in these regions and are a rare to very rare or even completely unknown in any other areas.
Quest spells are rarely granted by the Immortal, and then only when requested (the cleric thus must have researched and found information about the spell) and the immortal justifies the usage of the spell in the specific conditions the cleric requires (sometimes, the immortal will give the cleric the spell requested, but specifically forbids the usage elsewhere or when).


  1. I Don't Know who wrote the original chapter in Dragon Magazine, But although I have adapted it partially It is not comoletely my own work.
    So when this individual's name is known to me it will be added here out of respect.

  2. This looks great, but does seem to need some clarification (for me, at least). Is the skill the Healer gets from the list starting out a skill in addition to the others they receive at first level? Also, many of the spells in the lists are unknown to me. Which references should I be using?

  3. i'll try to place them online ASAP (when Pandius hosts them or I'll find another host).
    I'm way to eager to not placing these compilations online.

  4. Thanx. I now see that some text was missing prior to the description of skills.

    it should be as follows;
    Healers can only be Lawful or Neutral. A Chaotic Healer is not possible, and when a Healer turns Chaotic due some magical effects he will turn out to become a mere fighter with no abilities remaining to either class.
    They have 4 obligatorial skills which they may choose from the following list. Extra skills due Higher Intelligence may be chosen freely.
    New skills slots are achieved on the rate as clerics. (levels; 5, 9, 13, 17, 21, 25, 29, 33).

    Hope to informed you.
    Don't forget a Cleric gets also XP by curing people at the rate of 1 xp per hp, if he used magic or not.

  5. This is from the ancient Dragon Magazine 3 page 22 by C. Hettlestad, augmented, adjusted partially and expended the spell list by spells from the Priest Spell compendiums.